Not Slip

Available in the new collection soon: Not Slip.


Getting close to having the collection done.  Foot will be available online soon.  


Eyes is number 3 of 12 in the SS15 collection.  Still refining the finish.


Introducing the Early necklace.  Name inspired by creating these necklaces into the early hours of the morning.  Available in two colors, exclusive...

Mother Love

We're not far from Mother's Day.  Here's a pre-release of the hand-stamped Mother Love necklace in brown or tan genuine leather.

Love Dimension

One of our smaller pieces available online and in stores now.

Prototype From The Past

Star of David Cross we made years ago, steel body with 17 weld points in copper, black and blue finish.  Sold to someone giving it as a gift to a c...

Depth Shawl/Hairpin

Measuring Depth today.  One of the more tedious pieces to make.  Also the biggest.

Measuring Cluster

Measuring Cluster shawl/hairpin during this final day of the #thankyousale .  • • • #womens #womenswear #shawlpin #hairpin #nashville #briancarlson

Measured Ripple

Taking measurements of this guy.  Steel formed body, #copper underlay welds - 6, #brass overlay welds - 6, copper pin with brass welded head, heate...