Square or Round?

Do you prefer square or round shapes?  We welcome your feedback!

Love Dimension

One of our smaller pieces available online and in stores now.

Depth Shawl/Hairpin

Measuring Depth today.  One of the more tedious pieces to make.  Also the biggest.

Measuring Cluster

Measuring Cluster shawl/hairpin during this final day of the #thankyousale .  • • • #womens #womenswear #shawlpin #hairpin #nashville #briancarlson

Measured Ripple

Taking measurements of this guy.  Steel formed body, #copper underlay welds - 6, #brass overlay welds - 6, copper pin with brass welded head, heate...


Thank You Sale going strong till tomorrow at midnight to all who joined in the #woolandbrassgiveaway.  Follow us on Instagram at brianwcarlson &a...

Collection Coming Soon

Have 8 out of 12 developed so far.  On the home stretch!  Here are a few.

Shawl Pin Progress

This is the frame of a shawl pin which I've welded two more eyelets.  Other elements include leather & thread, soon to follow.


Drawing out new shawl pin ideas this month.  Do you have any requests?